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Private collections or submissions are only possible after prior notification by phone


The benefits to you of bidding for wine at Steinfels Weinauktionen

Realistic estimates

Our estimates are based on actual prices achieved in the international wine auction market. We will not give you an inflated assessment of the value of a wine by quoting exaggerated estimates, nor will we offer the prospect of unrealistic bargains by setting our estimates too low. Nevertheless, it can be the case that highly sought-after wines sell well above their estimates and that more modest, everyday wines fail to achieve their estimates.

Everything in one place

Every step of the auction process, from initial delivery to dispatch after sale, takes place on our premises here in Zurich:

  • Our own wine experts take delivery of the wines. We have no off-site warehouse and no third-party staff
  • The assessment of the wines' condition (ullage, labels, capsule, etc.) is carried out by our own trained staff.
  • Prior to auction, the wines are stored in our own cellars. From the time the catalogue is sent out to the auction itself, potential bidders may view the wines at any time during business hours.
  • The auctions are held on our own premises. Bidders attending the sale can pay for the wines they have bought at any time and take them away with them, thus avoiding delivery charges. 
  • Every auction is supervised by a notary of the canton of Zürich. Any matters requiring clarification can thus be resolved immediately.


Clearly structured catalogue
Our printed catalogue is designed to maximise convenience for the bidder. The wines are listed first by wine-growing region and then alphabetically within each region, so that a particular wine is very easy to find. The catalogue provides a detailed description of each wine's condition. We also have an online catalogue which is easy to browse through. Photographs of the wines are also provided in the online catalogue. The photographs are meant to help bidders assess the condition of the wines.

Broad range
We accept consignments of all types of wines and spirits. Our catalogue includes fine wines in their original cases, older vintages, single bottles and ready-to-drink everyday wines from all over the world. Every bidder can thus expect to find his favourite wines, not infrequently at extremely attractive prices.

Various possible ways of bidding
Attending an auction in person maximisses your chances of making the most of buying opportunities as they present themselves. You can of course also make written bids in advance - absentee bids. In special cases you may place bids by phone in case you plan to bid for a total of CHF 2,000 or more.

Payment and guarantee
We will send you a detailed invoice for any wine purchase. This is payable within 14 days. During that period, we guarantee that the details of the wines shown in our catalogue are correct.