Next auction dates

Due to the current situation, our office and the shop will remain closed until further notice.
Private collections or submissios are therefore only possible after prior notification by phone


Based on the results we have achieved in previous auctions, those seen on other auctions platforms and our assessment of the current market value of the wines consigned to us, we determine a price range, which is shown in the catalogue as the upper and lower price estimates. The reserve price (i.e. the price below which we will not allocate the wine to the bidder) is known only to the consigner and ourselves.


Generally speaking, the reserve price will be set some 10-20% below the lower estimate price. A decision may be made to set no reserve price, thus affording the auctioneer some room for manoeuvre in attracting the interest of bidders of wines which might otherwise be difficult to sell given current demand (for a particular vintage or region), assessment of their  appreciation potential, or quality-related factors (such as low ullage or label damage).


As a general rule, we are happy to accept clients' instructions on reserve prices. Experience has however shown that setting too high a reserve price tends to reduce the probability of a successful outcome, whereas setting a fair reserve price often leads to a significantly higher final price being achieved, as it tends to encourage the bidding contests which frequently occur at auctions.