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Written bidding instructions or absentee bid by bidder XY

Catalogue/lot no.


XY's bid in CHF, excluding additional charges and lot fee 


5 Fl. Figeac 1997



Lot estimate: CHF 200 (low) – 350 (high)
Reserve price: CHF 160

a) No bids in the room -> lot is allocated to absentee bidder XY at CHF 160
b) Bids in the room go up to CHF 240 -> lot is allocated to absentee bidder XY at CHF 260
c) Additional written/absentee bids have been received at, for example CHF 240 / 280 / 360
-> lot is allocated to absentee bidder XY at CHF 380


This means that the bid instructed by an absentee bidder will be applied in full only if the other bidders - be they in the room or absentee bidders - have placed bids one increment below his bid. In the example above, this means that if bidder Z placed a bid of CHF 380, the lot would then be allocated to bidder XY at CHF 400. If there are bids in the room above CHF 400, the lot will be  allocated to the highest bidder in the room.


In the event of two bidders each bidding the same highest price, the lot will be allocated to the bidder who placed his bid first