Next auction dates

Due to the current situation, our office and the shop will remain closed until further notice.
Private collections or submissios are therefore only possible after prior notification by phone

Selling wine by auction

Please send Steinfels a list of the wines you would like to sell.

For each wine, please ensure your list states the grower, the name of the wine, its production region, its vintage and the number of bottles you would like to sell. Please remember to provide your telephone number so that we can check back with you on any details which may be unclear. Please click here to view a sample estimate form.

If possible, please provide details of any damage to the label and foil capsule and of the ullage (the level of wine in the bottle). Please click here to view an ullage scale. If no details of label/capsule damage and ullage are provided, our estimate will assume that the bottles are in perfect condition.

Based on your list we will provide you, at no charge, with an auction estimate of your wines.

Should you decide to consign your wines to us for auction, we will send you and auction contract stating our consignment terms:

  • An auction commission of between 10% and 20% of the auction proceeds will be payable, depending on the volume and quality of the wines consigned to us 
  • A flat fee of CHF 10.- applies to each lot
  • The insurance fee is 1%  of the hammer price
  • The auction commission, insurance and lot fees are subject to Swiss VAT (8%)


We will close consignments about 6 weeks before each auction.


You are welcome to deliver the wines to us in person or to have them sent to us by a forwarding agent. Small quantities of wine may also be sent by post. On request, we can also arrange to have the wines collected for a nominal charge.

Steinfels Weinauktionen groups the wines into lots which it lists in its auction catalogue.

Roughly 2 weeks before the auction takes place you will receive the auction catalogue and a separate listing of the individual lots you have consigned to us. 

During the 4th week following the auction we will send you an auction statement, which you then confirm along with your payment instructions. Our payment to you will then be made within 30 days.